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Nicknames: Ash, Ashryn, Ashie
Age: 25
Interests: Beauty, Fashion, Blogging, Baking, Music, Reading, Writing, Sushi, Sleeping, Shopping.
A Business Administration in Finance and Economics student who runs away from the business world to the more fascinating, more rewarding world of beauty and fashion. I love creating inspiration outfits on Polyvore to share with all my readers and fellow bloggers. Playing with makeup is more fun than analyzing the stock market and calculating interest rates.

Nicknames: Viki, Vik
Age: 23
Interests: Singing, Baking, Makeup, Shopping.

Holding a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Tourism and Hospitality and currently working in a financial institution, I use my hobbies in baking, beauty, and music to take me away from the stressful environments that I must face every week. By having these things to hold close to my heart, I am able to stay grounded and sane.

Nicknames: Nessie
Age: 24
Interests: Shopping, Nail Polish, Fashion, Baking, Music, Partying.
With one more semester left before obtaining my Bachelors in Business Administration in Accounting Degree, I turn to my interests to keep me from going crazy. I own tons of nail polishes, and as I continue to build my collection, I enjoy creating my own. Look forward to some gorgeous colors!

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